Party Furniture Rental - Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Event

Whether you’re throwing a simple birthday party for your kids or planning an extravagant wedding, getting the right furniture for the event is an essential part of the process. The wrong chairs, too few tables, and much more can go wrong, so several things need to be taken into consideration in order for you to choose the furniture for your event.


The first thing you need to consider is the type of event you intend to throw. Are you throwing a simple birthday party? Foldable chairs and tables are all that’s really necessary, especially if it’s for a young child. They’re relatively inexpensive, and since the kids will most likely be causing a mess, the cheaper the better. If you’re throwing a lavish wedding, then you’ll want to go with some more upscale items, such as cushioned folding chairs and nicer tables, the latter of which can be decorated with a variety of decorative linens.

Once you’ve got the specific type of party and aesthetic down, you should seek out your furniture. Always shop around and compare prices, and most importantly, you should always tour the warehouses to get a first hand look at the items you intend to purchase. This will prevent any unexpected prices when the party rental company delivers your furniture the day of the event. You will always be able to see how the various pieces of furniture work together, such as the number of chairs that can fit around the types of tables you’re looking to use.

While the chairs and tables are most important, many party rental places offer a wider variety of furniture items, such as ottomans, rugs, and even sectional sofas. For larger upscale parties and especially corporate events, these are ideal items that will help your party reach the levels of luxury it deserves.

Before you settle on any furniture for your party, make sure you’ve discussed it thoroughly with the company you’re renting from, discussing any and all possible options, as well as the possibility of a bulk discount.

Posted on July 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM