Why Dress Rental Shops are not Around

The concept of having a dress rental shop seem like a win-win situation for any customer or business owner but it is observed that there are only a few who does get into the idea of renting out a dress. 

It has only one simple answer- rentals are pretty much tricky! 

Tricky in a sense of management that is. People find it a bit of a hassle to track down dresses and look into every detail, ensuring that it is still flawless. Of course, the cost of each gown is also a drag as businesses would have to invest in the trending new gowns that designers ought to release. 

“It seems like a hassle,” said Sales Associate of Cliche, Andrea Oseland. “You have to clean the dresses regularly, keep track of who has them when and where.”

Rent the Runway is an online business that seems to dominate this industry and some small time beginners are scared to compete! 

“We wouldn’t even consider it,” said Bridget O’Brien, head stylist at Covered boutique in Uptown Minneapolis. “We hope that we carry things that are special enough that you’ll want to own them and wear more than once.”

“Dress rental businesses are capturing a different segment of the market,” said Account executive for David Meister, Alex Roberts. “Women in their 20s and 30s might not be able to buy a $500 dress, but they can rent one. It makes them feel special.”

Dress rental customer Betsy Hendrick also needed for her sorority formal event in Minnesota College. 

“I wanted to wear a dress that was different from anything I had in my closet,” said Hendricks “It’s always fun to get a new dress and show it off.”

Rent the Runway has allowed students like her to be able to get a Mischka dress for only $45 through coupons and promotions. This has actually been a great help for students.

Other customers state that if they were not able to rent out a dress, they would probably buy one in eBay and that would still mean a lot of money to pull out of their pockets! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on December 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM