Renting Dresses, Prices are Less

So many dresses in your closet can go to waste if you don't do something about it. Some people think buying new dresses could be a drag, which is actually true because individuals don't often get to wear it again. 

Just like Elizabeth Patty who has a ton of dresses in her closet, ranging at an average of $225 each, Patty has reached this amount of dresses due to her position as the senior director of development for children's health at the University of Minnesota Foundation. 

The 49-year old lady goes to a lot of events that require dresses, such as those fundraising parties and galas. But her solution in her recent event has been panned out by the perfect site, a dress rental shop called the Rent the Runway. 

This online start-up has offered designer dresses for less since 2009 and has its office located in New York. Over 3 million members have already been with the website and just like Patty, they find it perfect for them. 

“This is perfect for me,” Patty said. “I can continuously have new dresses without having to buy them, and I’m not seen wearing the same thing over and over.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on December 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM