Helium Still Rising Prices

Chemists believe that Helium still remain a precious gas as it becomes one of the necessary resource in many things. The usage of helium could be used into inflating airships or nuclear reactors and has been recognized important today. 

Since its importance is already validated, the price of helium has risen, even in the industry of party rentals. Balloons are now over priced where some local grocery stores sell a piece at $10. 

Helium faces scarcity over the years where chemists believe that its balloon days will soon be over as they see it as a wasteful effort. It is a non-renewable and therefore could have its end of supply one day. 

"All of the other elements we've scattered around the globe, maybe we can go digging in garbage dumps to get them back," said chemist Andrea Sella, of University College London. "But helium is unique. When it's gone it is lost to us forever."

With such knowledge in mind, I think its about time Party hosts plan a greener concept. Don't you agree?
Posted by Diane Araga, on January 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM